About me

I am a Ph.D. statistician currently working at Aalto University (Finland), Department of Computer Science. I am the author of the R package brms and member of the Stan Development Team. Previously, I have studied Psychology and Mathematics at the Universities of Münster and Hagen. See here for an overview of my scientific publications.

Research Interests

  • Bayesian Inference
  • Multilevel Models
  • Ordinal Models
  • Optimal Design
  • Meta-Analysis

Software Development

Member of the Stan Development Team

Author of

Contributed to


  • 2018: Award for the best dissertation 2017-2018 in Psychology at the University of Münster
  • 2017: Gustav A. Lienert award for the best methodological dissertation (awarded by the DGPs)
  • 2017: Award for the best lecture of the Institute of Psychology in Münster

Reviewer (selected)

  • Behavior Research Methods
  • Biometrical Journal
  • Psychometrika
  • Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
  • Statistics in Medicine


  • Statistics I - Descriptive Statistics und Probability Theory, B.Sc. Psychology
  • Statistics II - Inferential Statistics, B.Sc. Psychology
  • Advanced Statistics II - Structural Equation Modeling and Bayesian Inference, M.Sc. Psychology

Talks (selected)

  • Bayesian Multilevel Models with brms and Stan (Invited), Multilevel Conference, Utrecht, 2019
  • Leave-Future-Out Cross-Validation for Bayesian Time-Series Models, DagStat, Munich, 2019
  • Custom Response Distributions in brms, Stan Conference, Helsinki, 2018
  • Handling Ordinal Predictors in Regression Models via Monotonic Effects, EAM Conference, Jena, 2018
  • Why not to be afraid of priors (Invited), Bayes@Lund, Lund, 2018
  • Optimal Design and Bayesian Data Analysis (Invited), DGPs Conference: Methods and Evaluation, Tübingen, 2017
  • A Short Introduction to Bayesian Inference, Institut für Psychologie, Münster, 2016
  • Bayesian Regression Models using Stan, Institut für Medizinische Biometrie und Informatik, Heidelberg, 2016
  • brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models using Stan, eRum, Poznan, 2016
  • brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models using Stan, R User Meeting, Köln, 2016
  • Adaptive Designs for Logistic Models with False Answers, IWS, Wien, 2015
  • Optimal Design of Non-Parametric Two-Sample Tests, DGPs Conference: Methods and Evaluation, Jena, 2015

Workshops (selected)

  • Bayesian Multilevel Models, Multilevel Conference (1 day), Utrecht, 2019
  • Bayesian Data Analysis using Stan (1 day), Munich, 2019
  • Introduction to Meta-Analysis (2 days), Lausanne, 2018
  • Introducing Basic and Advanced Bayesian Modelling (4 days), Magdeburg, 2018
  • Advanced Bayesian Statistics (4 days), Aarhus, 2018
  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Modelling (4 days), Gent, 2018
  • Longitudinal Multilevel Models in R, Institute of Psychology (3 days), Hamburg, 2017
  • Bayesian Multilevel Models in R, DPPD Conference, Munich (1 day), 2017
  • Bayesian Multilevel Models in R with brms, Deutsches Primatenzentrum (DPZ, 3 days), Göttingen, 2017
  • Bayesian Multilevel Models in R with brms, Institute of Psychology (3 days), Bern, 2017
  • An Introduction to Bayesian Inference and Multilevel Models (3 days), Institut für Psychologie, Münster, 2017
  • Bayesian Multilevel Models in R using the Package brms (1 day), DGPs Conference, Leipzig, 2016