Deprecated aliases of add_criterion.

add_loo(x, model_name = NULL, ...)

add_waic(x, model_name = NULL, ...)

add_ic(x, ...)

# S3 method for brmsfit
add_ic(x, ic = "loo", model_name = NULL, ...)

add_ic(x, ...) <- value



An R object typically of class brmsfit.


Optional name of the model. If NULL (the default) the name is taken from the call to x.


Further arguments passed to the underlying functions computing the model fit criteria. If you are recomputing an already stored criterion with other ... arguments, make sure to set overwrite = TRUE.

ic, value

Names of model fit criteria to compute. Currently supported are "loo", "waic", "kfold", "R2" (R-squared), and "marglik" (log marginal likelihood).


An object of the same class as x, but with model fit criteria added for later usage. Previously computed criterion objects will be overwritten.