Compute model weights for brmsfit objects via stacking or pseudo-BMA weighting. For more details, see loo::loo_model_weights.

# S3 method for brmsfit
loo_model_weights(x, ..., model_names = NULL)



A brmsfit object.


More brmsfit objects or further arguments passed to the underlying post-processing functions. In particular, see prepare_predictions for further supported arguments.


If NULL (the default) will use model names derived from deparsing the call. Otherwise will use the passed values as model names.


A named vector of model weights.


if (FALSE) {
# model with population-level effects only
fit1 <- brm(rating ~ treat + period + carry,
            data = inhaler, family = "gaussian")
# model with an additional varying intercept for subjects
fit2 <- brm(rating ~ treat + period + carry + (1|subject),
            data = inhaler, family = "gaussian")
loo_model_weights(fit1, fit2)