Principal Investigator

A portrait of Paul Bürkner.

Paul Bürkner

Background: Statistics, Mathematics, and Psychology

Position: Full Professor for Computational Statistics

Links: University Website, GitHub, Email


A portrait of Daniel Habermann.

Daniel Habermann

Background: Computational Biology

Project: Amortized Bayesian Inference for Multilevel Models

Links: Personal Website, GitHub

A portrait of Šimon Kucharský.

Šimon Kucharský

Background: Computational Psychology

Project: Applications of Amortized Bayesian Inference

Links: Personal Website, GitHub

PhD Students

A portrait of Javier Aguilar.

Javier Aguilar

Background: Mathematics and Statistics

Project: Intuitive Joint Priors for Bayesian Multilevel Models

Links: GitHub

A portrait of Florence Bockting.

Florence Bockting

Background: Cognitive Science and Psychology

Project: Simulation-Based Prior Distributions for Bayesian Models

A portrait of Luna Fazio.

Luna Fazio

Background: Biology and Statistics

Project: Bayesian Distributional Latent Variable Models

Links: GitHub

A portrait of Jacob Grytzka.

Jacob Grytzka

Background: Statistics

Project: Regularization in Generalized Linear and Additive Multilevel Models

Links: University Website

Co-Supervisor: Andreas Groll

A portrait of Soham Mukherjee.

Soham Mukherjee

Background: Statistics

Project: Probabilistic Models for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data

Links: University Website, Linkedin

Co-Supervisor: Manfred Claassen

A portrait of Marvin Schmitt.

Marvin Schmitt

Background: Psychology and Computer Science

Project: Meta-Uncertainty in Bayesian Model Comparison

Links: Personal Website, University Website, GitHub

A portrait of Maximilian Scholz.

Maximilian Scholz

Background: Computer- and Software Engineering

Project: Machine Learning for Bayesian Model Building

Links: Personal Website, University Website, GitHub